“A new ecclesiology is emerging, and religious life is situating itself in a new place and in a new way: “going forth”, poorer and always with others.” GCXX

On May 18th, the Feast of St. Raphaela Mary was celebrated in the universal Church, and in each of our communities it was celebrated in a special way.  We have received photos of the celebrations from the schools in various countries, the parish celebrations, and the joy of celebrating together with others the life of St. Raphaela and the legacy that she has left us.  More and more, we recognize that she has left us a precious and particular legacy – “us” as Sisters, as the ACI Family, the laity committed to the mission with us, and the many people with whom we share the life of faith, as people of “peace and celebration.”

Here in the Curia, we celebrated the Feast of St. Raphaela with a special Mass, together with our neighbors, but also with people and groups from the various apostolic works in which the sisters of the community participate.  People came, therefor, from various parts of Rome, people who not only know the Handmaids, but who have a connection with our charism, those who also celebrate the Feast of St. Raphaela as their Feast.  How grateful we must be that the charism continues to extend further and further, and that we continue to learn to be “poorer and always with others!”  After the Mass, we gather (or rather, squeezed together) in the dining room for a shared snack.  There, the Tertians each presented something of the reality and mission in their province, with the desire to share with all the mission of the universal Institute (which, as a body, is our mission).