Covid 19 has affected all of us and, mostly, the people who live in slums like our neighborhood and who are badly affected. When lockdown was announced, they faced a lot of problems. Most of them are daily wage workers, some of them do domestic work and due to lockdown, they did not get work and in turn, received no money, and thus had to starve along with their children and families. We visited some of the families in our neighborhood and felt that they were really struggling in their lives; some people struggled for food and had to depend on the religious institution to get them rations. A majority of people are concerned about unemployment and the loss of wages. Many of them are suffering poor health and malnutrition.

We also came across construction workers’ children who are living on the road side in poor health conditions. They are the migrant workers so they do not get any facilities from the Government.

Looking at the above-mentioned situations and conditions of the people around, us we felt the need to provide nutritional intake for the children in order to boost their health and their immunity so that they can fight the covid-19 pandemic during the coming six months.

We are helping 20 children. It was indeed a very enriching experience for us to work with the migrant families. Listening to them, we came to know the struggle that they are going through. Now the parents feel happy that their childrens’ health is improving and that look well. They are very grateful to us for helping them in some way to live a better life style.

Lizzie Veluthedath, aci