Diklhush community wanted to live a spirituality of connection: connection with ourselves, with other people, with creation, with God, which leads us to feel the immensity of the pain of so many and to recognize the ever present hope. (GCXX)

Let´s listen to their simple sharing about how they decided to respond in a concrete way to this invitation to “complicate” their lives and go out from comfort zones for the benefit of others:

Deciding to have a simple meal on Friday night, and to keep that money apart for the migrants of Vypin (a group that is accompanied and supported by aci Sisters there) was a concrete gesture for our community. Doing it throughout the year gave me an experience of going through a process of internal self-giving, in order to give life for someone else. It was a process of dying to self and rising to God. Giving up food for a specific purpose was indeed a purifying experience, where I felt oneness with the migrants, a close bond. (Sr.Marina Kannikal)

Fasting has a value, since the person who is fasting is gaining from it, but it has a greater value if someone else is benefiting from it. It gives us much joy in sacrificing a meal once in a week.

That is for the good purpose of helping the migrants. Even though it is not in a greater way, the money which we save is used for the betterment of the people those who need more mercy and compassion. When we heard about how this small contribution has been used, it gave us much joy and inspiration to give more.


What I felt personally was that it is easy to keep a reserve for the poor from the community account, but somehow it does not touch us, it does not take away our comforts. But when we do this sacrifice of fasting, our whole self is involved and there is a connection happens for that cause. It brings lot of joy and in that way the whole community was involved in responding to that cause!! (Sr Bindu Michael)