On December 21, 2019, we celebrated Christmas in the morning with the Venezuelan immigrants.

It was a marvelous experience for all, especially for the immigrants. At breakfast we shared with them a tamale, bread and chocolate; and at mid-morning they were given natilla y buñuelos, (traditional Christmas foods in Colombia).

We prayed the Christmas novena of the immigrant, prepared by some of the Parents of the school’s Human Migration team and the educators.

There were fun activities with the children and dynamic ones with the adults; the archdiocesan group “sembradores de Paz” (sowers of peace) were in charge of this part.

At the end gifts for everyone: clothing, toiletries, and toys for the children.

This project helped some families with their fares to return to Venezuela because of family situations or the health of the children, and other families with their leases for a specified period of time.

We were all very happy; it was a lovely experience of meeting Jesus in those who are most in need.

Thanks because we felt the support of the Institute in this work for those who are poorest, specifically the immigrants with whom we have been involved and made a commitment.

Martha Duque aci