28th  December 2016

On the 26th and 27th  of December the Sisters who comprise the Preparatory Commission arrived from their Provinces.

They are appointed by the Superior General and represent all the continents where the Congregation is present:

  1. Monica Shioya from the Province of Japan,
  2. Clemencia Carrizosa from Colombia-Panama,
  3. Belén Escauriaza from the United States,
  4. Rosario Fernández Villarán from Spain,
  5. Lita Aguilar from Peru-Bolivia,
  6. Grazia Cioffi from Italy,  
  7. Rosario García Peñalver from the Region of Africa. This is the first time that this new circumscription is participating in the General Congregation.

On the 28th in the morning they met with the Superior General and the Assistants General.

Inmaculada Fukasawa welcomed them, recalling the importance of the task that they will be carrying out:

They have to work with the postulates that were sent from the entire Institute, and which indicate the desires and concerns of all the Sisters.

This is the last stage of preparation for the General Congregation.

In the afternoon they went to XX Settembre and in the rooms of Saint Raphaela Mary they made their first adoration as a commission.

Join us.

At that time the Sisters of the Province of Italy were gathered there. They had planned a Christmas concert of baroque music by the group “Ricercar Cantando”. It was a beautiful opportunity to pray with music, and for all of them as they begin their task.