On 3rd we spent the whole day in the company of St. Raphaela and M. Pilar, thanks to Sr Inmaculada Yanez who gave us two talks, full of humor, love for the Institute and some moving details unknown to us until now.   She also read to us the minutes of the first General Congregation in which St Raphaela was elected General unanimously.

In the afternoon we visited the various places in Madrid, where the first Handmaids lived and the churches they frequented.

On February 4th, we began with the reading of the State of the Institute Once she had finished reading, the room burst into spontaneous acclamation of gratitude to Inmaculada who had reflected in the document her simplicity, her own way of being a Handmaid and her warmth during her years in government.

In the afternoon, we surprised Sr Inmaculada with a video, thanking her for her service and gave her and the Assistants some gifts.

We then moved on to the election of the Commission for the State of the Institute.

The following Sisters were elected:

Rosa María Basterrechea

Clemencia Carrizosa

Rosario Fernández-Villarán

María Vaz Pinto