“My life must be a continuous act of love” St. Raphaela Mary.

The educational community of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Bogota, Colombia has been striving to form children and youth in a comprehensive way, fostering in them the values of the Gospel by means of the pedagogy of the heart and the firm commitment to respond to current needs through fraternity and reparation. For this reason, since 2019, we have opted to join to the academic and formation processes, the Chair “Defenders of Life,” an initiative of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, calls us to struggle for the defense of life, the rights and dignity of the children of our society.

This Chair has fostered in our students reflection on the commitment that we have as Christians to a more just and equitable society, working to eradicate human trafficking in various aspects, such as servile marriage, forced labor, begging, aims related to the illicit, sexual exploitation, among other realities that currently afflict humanity.  For this, the development of critical thinking is fundamental for the children and youth of our institution, so that investigating, reflecting and discovering these realities, they may be motivated to denounce, to be propagators of the message and see themselves as heroes, defenders of life. The work that is accomplished in our institution for the development of this way of thinking is guided by means of formative pedagogical material, such as reading materials, and workshops focused on the profound conviction that life is sacred and therefore is not negotiable; it is a gratuitous gift from God.

Finally, the invitation is that all and each one of the members of the educational communities, of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the world, founded by St Raphaela Mary, may unite themselves to this call and continue to struggle for the defense of life in all of its manifestations, and become heroes, defenders of life.

Written by Andrés Felipe Acosta Barreto

Teacher of religion and Defenders of Life.