Yesterday, after dinner, the Region of India presented their work with women and children and the Province of Colombia told us about the Peace and Reconciliation Process that Colombia is living at the moment and how they are part of that process.

This morning, we continued our time of illumination.

The first talk was given by Dona Elena Arce, a former student of our school in Cordoba, who is a member of the Board of PROACIS. A lawyer by training, she works in the Office of the Defender of the People in Madrid.

Her subject was: The trafficking of people. Quoting Pope Francis she spoke about:

  • Setting the Victims of new forms of slavery free
  • Rehabilitating captives and those who had been excluded
  • Unmasking the traffickers and those who create the markets
  • Providing efficient help and assistance

In conclusion she assured us that MAKING REPARATION is about: offering them a safe place to be, accompanying victims and being a ¨different network – a network of hospitality.

Next Don Jose Eizaguirre spoke to us. He is an architect and company administrator, who has written books and articles on sustainability, alternative life styles and ecological conversion.

He focused his talk on the face of our wounded earth, proving to us that an alternative life style is possible, one that does not damage our common home; a life style that requires us to be sensitive, aware and consequential.

In the afternoon Sr Alfonsina Kituma addressed us. She is the Superior General of the Missionaries of Christ Jesus. Congolese by birth, she has lived in many different countries.

She spoke to us about ¨the most disadvantaged¨. With an amazing simplicity and freshness she  both moved and challenged us with regard to our relationships with the poor and among ourselves. She warned us to be careful because we use a lot of words that can distance  us from reality.

This evening the Province of Ecuador will tell us about the emergency they lived through during the earthquake in Manta, while the Sisters from Chile will tell us what happened after the  emergency in Iloca.