We want to share with you that for several years our community of Montevideo has been dreaming of renovating a part of our house in order to be able to offer hospitality to immigrants who needed a place to stay and accompaniment during the period after their arrival in this country. This desire and dream emerged as we came to know several families, especially Venezuelans, who came to our church wanting to celebrate their faith and spend time with the God who had accompanied them on the journey until their arrival in Uruguay.

Thanks to the generosity of Sr. Charo we could concretize this year the renovation of that part of the house, and this week we will be welcoming Antonieta (age 44), her son Samuel (age 10) who comes to our community for catechism classes, and the grandmother Alicia (age 77). Some weeks ago, they had resolved to return to Venezuela because with only the salary of Tonia they could not afford to even pay rent. It was not enough to help them with food and some money, but we can offer them a house so they can get back on their feet and manage to fulfill their dream of a better life. Tomorrow, the 18th of June, Alicia will be 78 years old, and they will come to celebrate “with their family” – which is us, not only her life but having found a home to restore themselves interiorly and to continue to seek another opportunity in life.

Daniela Concetti, aci