Sister Rosario pointed out to us recently that together with the need to reinforce networking, we see the need to have access to good information for all, which combines Samaritan compassion with social justice. We cannot encompass everything, but it is very necessary since we are called to evangelize and raise the awareness of other, that we understand the mechanisms and truths of the people in Human Migration, and therefore we have opened a page in FACEBOOK. Today the majority of local and international politicians address this reality with manipulative rhetoric; therefore, it is our responsibility to look for reliable sources that can help us to understand and form a critical spirit that will enable us to have a stronger voice in the area of reporting and advocacy.  Pope Francis is, without doubt, a great inspiration in this area, and with him the Dicastery of Human Development’s Office of Migrants and Refugees, Caritas International-Migration, JRS, SJM… and many Church and civil organizations that are sustained by Gospel and human values and strive to struggle against xenophobic, false and manipulative rhetoric in the mass media that influence social opinion and in social networks.

Spearheading Team

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