And you… what do you paint?

With this motto, all the schools in the ACI Educational Foundation, for the second year in a row, dealt with the value of Justice. As the major theme of our course, we have focused upon one of the great problems of the twenty first century, human migration.

We, too, want to get involved and let it complicate our lives… how?

  • We want, on the one hand, to raise our awareness, to put ourselves in the place of the people who are forced to leave their homeland. Why? Who would want to leave his roots, his culture, what forms him and gives him identity? We want to let our hearts open wide and become a house of hospitality.
  • On the other hand, we want to know, yes, to know the causes of this migration. We highlight three: armed conflicts, over-exploitation of the earth and unjust socio-political structures. Knowing, we can act according to our capacity and unite our efforts to all the initiatives that so many people as well as various institutions are putting into practice, because we all have the capacity to get involved and to do something. We just have to put into play all of our abilities and to join them to those of others.

Our motto invites us to realize that we cannot be indifferent to the suffering in the world, and that all of us and each of us are important, significant and useful in order to improve it. Furthermore, it calls us to responsibility and reflection about our own way of being in the world, and how what we do contributes — either for better or for worse.

Through hospitality and accompaniment of displaced families that are in our centers, through our morning prayer, our different subjects, the liturgical seasons, we will develop a series of concrete actions to contribute our grain of sand and to be an active part in making the world in which we live a better place.

Charo Pérez, aci