On December 14, the Immigrants who belong to the Theater Group “HERMANOS SIN FRONTERAS” (Brothers without Borders) presented their work in the Infirmary Residence of Pirineos, 37 bis in Madrid.

The show was ¿QUÉ? (What?) From some cloth bags emerged some beings who kept constantly asking the reason for their birth. They gradually discovered their mission in the world. As it was Christmas time, Our Lady appeared with the Baby Jesus, and they acknowledged that Jesus was born for all.

The group is comprised of young immigrants from two Associations: APLS and HH de Maria Inmaculada, directed by S. Victoria Dorrego aci.

The immigrants a well as the Sisters of Pirineos enjoyed it and chatted with them with great interest.

Every year they come at Christmas to present their work. We hope that we will always work for true brotherhood that transforms us into “sons and daughters, brothers and sisters”

Victoria Dorrego, aci