To many of the places where governments do not reach, both NGOs and foundations try to reach to try to fill the gaps that institutions do not solve. Many times they are nothing more than a palliative, an adhesive bandage with which to try to heal an amputated arm, but for what they fight and work it is so that, instead of being a symbolic and / or face-to-face help, they can give real solutions to hardships of those who suffer them. And these initiatives are not financed alone.

The importance of donating money to social causes

These organizations, to carry out their projects and initiatives, depend on the injection of resources. Their actions include raising money: either through the generation of products or services that they can monetize to expand their capital and range of action, or by looking for ways to solidarity and sensitize the population to donate, and so that , in this way, also contribute and be part of the cause.

Reasons to donate money

With each passing year, social awareness is increasing and thanks to this, the number of donations and people who donate is increasing. As mentioned before, donations are a fundamental part of many initiatives and, above all, if they serve to cover the expenses that both organizations and foundations cannot bear. The reasons can be very disparate and varied, but mainly we can highlight two above the others.

Social commitment


You materialize in some way your desire to collaborate and you can focus those desire through these entities to seek change. We know of the shortages and penuries that exist, and if we do not have the time to get involved in any initiative, thanks to donations we can support those who do have that time.

Personal satisfaction


Knowing that we are contributing to a good cause and that this money will be used to help those who need it most is often the main reason to donate.