Dear Sisters and those who always accompany us ,

First, we want to express our gratitude to you for all the messages that have been coming in response to the news of our admission to perpetual vows. To see how the Institute and so many dear people is united to our joy helps us to feel part of an Apostolic Body that vibrates and dreams together.

During this time of the Third Probation, we had a profound experience of a God who is faithful to his call, who weaves together the threads of our lives, who integrates and gives meaning to our journey. Moreover, in these six months in Rome we became more acquainted with Saint Raphaela Mary and Mother Pilar, feeling them near to us.

The best gift at the end of the Third Probation was the privilege of accompanying Jessica in the celebration of her Perpetual Vows. Her “Yes, I want it at all costs” was one more occasion to gaze upon the most profound identity expressed in our name: Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. God Himself became the servant of us all. The following of Jesus is the invitation to live as our Master did, surrendering our lives more each day.

Now we are returning to our places of mission with our hearts filled with all the life that we have received and with a great desire to continue to pass on the flame of the charism which has been enkindled in us.

We continue to trust in your prayers.

An embrace and see you very soon

Anna Rita, Amavel, Julienne, Anita, Trinh, Jessica, Ceci, Teresa, Gaby, Clara, Carmi, Mariana y Delfo.