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Donating is gratifying. If you feel the need to help, but you don’t have time to collaborate personally, this is a good way to contribute your grain of sand. It can also be one of the first steps you take, and may lead to developing a project of your own. The important thing is to be aware and consistent: help to the extent that you can and in a way that involves some sacrifice on your part.


PROACIS is an international NGO created by the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It works to eradicate poverty by taking action on its principal causes: lack of access to education and to health care, homelessness and lack of suitable facilities, gender inequality, physical and mental disabilities, unjust economic policies, etc.


Committed to this task, we carry out our mission in some of the poorest countries on the world, among the people most in need.



The ACI Family is a family of laypersons with a universal character, comprised of groups and persons who, together with the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart, share the charism of Saint Raphaela Mary.


Joining the ACI Family is a response to the need to be part of a universal body that broadens our perspective and answers, according to the spirituality of Saint Raphaela Mary, the profound questions of identity, the meaning of life, commitment to humanity and commitment to God.