Listening to the invitation to follow Jesus closely is often colored with uncertainty.  Trusting in so great a JOY that involves silence decenters our life and makes us continue to look for signs that confirm this movement toward him.  God asks that our lives, hearts, and dreams be open, ready to respond to his invitation.  God is asking that his own life become reality in this world and promises that he will be everything in the life of the one who follows him so fully and freely.

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To seek and to find God in everyday life implies being attentive to his footsteps, watching for his Presence, and in each moment choosing the LIFE that he brings us.  Before the many possibilities that knock at our door, to choose LIFE and God’s STANDARDS implies having a certain degree of relationship and familiarity with the God who comes to dwell in our lives.  It’s in the small things and in the everyday reality of our lives that our following of Christ “to the end” becomes real, becomes concrete.


“There is nothing more practical than finding God” (Pedro Arrupe).


God’s promise attracts us.  The dream of being with Jesus to live the radicality of his LIFE drives us to trust in God who in one and the same gesture loves us, calls us, and repairs us.  We discover our joy in his way of serving God.  We discover our Fulfillment in his passion for the Kingdom.  We discover the force that integrates all of our desires in his Love for Humanity.  We live the vows as a journey that continuously integrates in our lives Jesus’ way of loving and of giving of himself.

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For Handmaids, formation includes different stages in which, through the action of the Spirit, the woman in formation becomes more and more committed to God, to herself, to the community, and to the mission.  Learning to be a Handmaid in the style of Saint Raphaela means growing in interior freedom and in human and affective maturity, as well as internalizing the art of discernment.  This is what allows her to be an apostle in mission, free to inhabit any portion of the Kingdom to which she is sent.

SHARING life and mission

We are an Apostolic Body that receives its strength from the mission we are given to live.  The community is a place where we learn to create deep connections, to share who we are and what we have, to seek and to find the will of God that is manifested in the reality of each sister.  We are called to be communities that are called out of themselves and into the world, communities that bring to the world the very reflection of humanity that they experience so that people are able to experience the truth of a God of relationship who walks by their side.

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