The ACI Family takes up the challenge / Ecuador

The ACI Family takes up the challenge / Ecuador

The ACI Family of Ecuador accepted the challenge to go deeper into the apostolic meaning of Adoration, making the commitment to read the book by Sr. Nurya Martínez-Gayol which bears that title.

In anticipation of the yearly National Meeting in the retreat house in Cuenca, we had distributed the chapters among the groups so that we could prepare the topics and present them in a creative manner. It resulted in a great display of creativity.

The meeting recognized once again the legacy received from Raphaela Mary through the Eucharist, feeling the presence of the God of faith, hope and love. We experienced intensely emotional moments that reminded us how St. Raphaela made of her life a continuous act of love, making of the Eucharist and Adoration — LIFE. Life that manifests itself for others, inviting us and encouraging us to live and transmit our Eucharistic-reparative charism, to be bread that is broken and shared, with our concerns and apostolic work based on our personal encounter with Christ in the Eucharist.

Thanks is the word which best sums up our response to the experience provided us by each group during our encounter. We live all of this in unity and fraternity with the whole ACI Family of Ecuador, in awareness that the ACI Family is a gift of the Spirit for the world.

ACI Family, Ecuador