a church in each home/colombia

a church in each home/colombia

The situation of Covid-19, with its corresponding preventative quarantine in which we are living, and which I believe will continue for quite some time, inspires an apostolic concern in us religious on witnessing the suffering of our brothers and sisters. This same concern calls us once more to a “process of deepening and revitalization of our living of the Eucharist and of its apostolic meaning.”[1]

On a personal level, contemplating the fragility of each one and of the world in the face of this organism – the coronavirus — leads us to a profound dependence on the Creator, who alone has the last word, and on Eucharistic adoration springing from the depths of our heart, entrusting to the Lord all the sufferings of the entire world. In becoming bread in prayer, in community life, in family relationships and friendship, in the apostolic mission, we experience more and more the meaning of sharing and surrendering.

On the community level, we live fraternity deeply among ourselves and experience the joy of encountering the Eucharistic Jesus in each Sister. In this time of “lockdown” we feel a deep gratitude for community life as a gift of God for each one in the religious life.

On the apostolic level, the desire of “Placing Christ for the adoration of the people”[2] leads us to the initiative of sharing His living presence in the Eucharist – in the bread for others — by means of livestreaming adoration, as several Handmaid communities in different parts of the world are doing. We hope that all may have access to adore Christ, albeit virtually. Thus it can be said that, “in the quarantine the churches are closed, but one is opened in each home.” Moreover, the apostolic concern for accompanying the poor urges us to offer the gift of our listening and spiritual accompaniment with the help of communications media.

In this way, “The Eucharist is the life of the Institute;”[3] it is at the same time the life of each one of us. We are moved, in magis, to live it and to allow ourselves to be molded by it in the style of our Lord, present in all things.

Anna Bui, aci

[1] General Congregation XX. P. 36.

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