This phrase of St. Raphaela Mary echoes in us in a very special way during this time when the churches are closed and the only safe place is at home. The virus has “halted” some of our customary activities. It has halted our routine, it has stopped the economy, it has faced us with medical limits, it has made us aware of our human limitations and our economic deficiencies, and it has placed presidents, governors, mayors, doctors, nurses, janitors and other unsung heroes on the front lines of the battle. It has faced us with our situation as creatures… and in this context, what can we do to place Christ for the adoration of the peoples?

We were accustomed to having people come to our churches and chapels. Today every house is ready to receive the presence of Jesus; it becomes a great temple and reaffirms in us this desire to “do everything so that all may know and love Him.” In this space of encounter with Jesus we unite ourselves via an internet screen with the faith of so many who kneel in the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

We feel that our community chapel is more filled than usual, and as someone told us during this time: “You have Jesus there, thank you for sharing Him.” Day by day we renew our conviction of sharing this treasure that we hold in earthen vessels. The Lord revitalizes our faith and renews our hope. The Risen Jesus has come out to meet us in so many brothers and sisters who connect and send their petitions to us, in the people who view the uploaded adoration because they could not tune in to the live transmission, and in those who day after day go forth to take care of the city, and whose only desire is to return home and hug their loved ones.

Jesus in the Eucharist forms us and transforms us; He makes us aware that “we are in this world as in a great temple.” Therefore, today we recognize His presence in our people, a God who walks beside His people, making them realize that death does not have the last word. Although everything seems “halted,” still there is hope, solidarity, rejoicing for those who are cured. There is the opportunity to spend more time with the family, to be concerned for those who have nothing, to be in solidarity with the pain of others, and above all to acknowledge that we are creatures of our Creator and Lord, who promised to be with us until the end of time.

Community of Chota

Province of Peru-Bolivia