Distanced but Connected/vietnam

Distanced but Connected/vietnam

In Vietnam, as in other places around the world, we have been keeping  “social distance” and wearing masks to avoid getting infected with coronavirus. We, the sisters in the experimental community in Tay Ninh, near the Cambodian border, have returned to Ho Chi Minh City because we were lodged in the parish and looked more convenient not to remain there during lockdown. Before we left, we visited the children and old people. We gave them rice,  milk and food. During the time spent in HCM, we have visited many old and poor people, mostly workers. We have given them masks and food. This charitable work is common in all our communities: Chau Binh, Bao Loc, Suoi Tien and Laluz. Thank you very much, Sisters, for your generosity. We are grateful to our benefactors too.

Although we live far away from the “Cambodian Returnees”, we are well connected to them. God’s work of mercy is never limited by distance. We keep in touch with the people through our two collaborators: Mrs. Lieu, a member of the Legion of Mary and a married woman,  and Nguyen Du, a 1st year university student in psychology. This young man feels a call to the priesthood. They are both very enthusiastic and generous. Despite the call to stay home, they have covered themselves up really well each time they go to the houses of the old, poor and lottery ticket sellers. They deliver rice, noodles and eggs to them.

These two do not work alone. Mrs. Lieu invited her husband, her mother and mother in-law to work with her. At the same time, the young man Du involved his family and some of his relatives. They send reports and updates on their daily service there. We live at a distance, far away, yet I feel one with the people.

I felt so very grateful and happy when Du and Mrs. Lieu shared with us that they visited many people who could not go out to sell the lottery tickets. These people were very happy when they received rice and food. Most of them said: “Now, I do not have to worry about what to eat” or “Thank you, I am saved. I will not go hungry”….etc. They are really happy and grateful for the things they have received. So, we thank God for this wonderful work that He has done through His people. 

In that same light, I believe that God is working….He never stops loving us, especially during the present situation in our lives. God is making “a way” as a beautiful song says: “God will make a way when there seems to be no way. He works in way we can’t see. He will make a way for me….”.  

Nguyen Anh,aci