invisibles, neglected and forgotten

invisibles, neglected and forgotten

They are invisible; they are neglected and forgotten. That is how Pope Francis refers to the internally displaced in his recently published Message for the World  Day of Migrants and Refugees, which accompanies in its subject matter the recent Guide published by the Dicastry for Human Development’s  Section of Migrants and Refugees, PASTORAL ORIENTATIONS ON INTERNALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE

As is customary for Pope Francis, not only is it a recognition and analysis of a forgotten group, but it also gives guidelines so that we can all collaborate in order that they will no longer be invisible and neglected.

We invite you to dedicate a meeting in your community or group to read the Message, and in the dynamic of Magis in which we want to continue becoming involved with persons in the situation of Human Migration-displacement, share about the following points:

  1. What more can we do along the lines of knowing in order to understand?
  2. Do we want to take some risks in order to serve our neighbor?
  3. To whom are we going to listen in the dynamic of reconciliation?
  4. In order to grow it is necessary to share, and how do we grow in the Eucharistic Life?
  5. Involvement is necessary in order to promote. How can we overcome the “Handout mentality” in favor of mentality of promotion?
  6. Collaboration is necessary in order to build. Do we know with whom in our surroundings we can collaborate in order to serve and accompany people in the situation of migration?

If these reflections lead you to TAKE A FURTHER STEP, share it!