A very happy beginning to summer/curia general

A very happy beginning to summer/curia general

Yes, that’s how it was. Only two weeks, but the voices of the 20 or so children who attend the Schools of Peace of the San Egidio Communities were heard in the gardens of the General Curia in Rome.

As the place where they work during the year does not have an adequate garden, and they wanted to offer the children a larger and nicer place, they called us from San Egidio to see if we could let them use ours, and we were happy to be able to do so.

These children are the sons and daughters of immigrants from different countries (Morocco, Sri Lanka, Peru, Romania, Ecuador, Senegal, etc.), and they receive tutoring and above all acceptance and love.

They arrived with some of those in charge of the school and six young volunteers. Part of the afternoon is dedicated to activities on the care of “our common home” the earth, or to reinforce the learning of the Italian language, and another part to merienda and play.

The days have gone by almost without our realizing it, and when it was time to say goodbye, what welled up in their hearts and ours was the word THANKS. They expressed it to us in two drawings: Grazie, Gracias.

We are also grateful for their joy, and because they are able to live unity in diversity naturally and simply. Thank  you!

Cleta Carrizosa aci