The children of Gato Negro encouraging us to Ecological Conversion/argentina

The children of Gato Negro encouraging us to Ecological Conversion/argentina

Gato Negro is a rural hamlet situated in the interior of the Province of Santiago del Estero, in north central Argentina.

Germán, Darío, Agustín, Rodrigo and Gonzalo are children from this area. Thanks to them, the rest of the children in their school are going to have fresh vegetables in their lunches at the end of each morning when they are able to return to classes.

In this quarantine, with the help of a mother and father, they were the ones who prepared and took care of the vegetable garden of the school. They loosened the soil, fertilized it, sowed good seeds (not genetically modified) and each day watered and cared for it. They can already see the fruit of their labor: chard, lettuce, beets, carrots, onions and parsley.

They work as a team, each one has his day for watering, from time to time, we all get together to do the more extensive work.

In addition, in all their hearts there is a growing desire to do the same thing in their houses. And with Germán and Darío, who are the eldest, as guides, in the two families they are already beginning to set up their gardens. The children are the catalyst and the inspiration …and the moms and dads guide and help in the work that they cannot do.

So we are all benefitting. We realize that we can do something with the land we have. We make very good use of what we have at hand in order to set it up (wood, fertilizer…). We remember how our ancestors cultivated the land. We are aware of how good it is for the land to cultivate it this way, and also for our bodies, since we are nourishing ourselves with healthy and safe food. Now we don’t have to buy these things in the stores; we have them at home, and they are tastier and fresher. And above all, we are doing the work with others… while we are cultivating the gardens, our friendship and brotherhood grows.

With all of this, aren’t Darío, Germán, Gonzi, Agus, and Rodrigo encouraging us in the Ecological Conversion that we are aiming for?

Teresa Gallo, aci