reasons to rejoice/region of africa

reasons to rejoice/region of africa

Today is a day of thanksgiving for the Region of Africa, a day of celebration and feasting

In just one day we have experienced the nomination of the new Regional Superior, S. Euprasia Konde, as well as the first vows of Sr. Bonnet Pwanga.

 The Region of Africa has been building a history of reparation and of Eucharist, a history that continues to develop thanks to each of the Sisters of this Region. Experiencing the power of the Love of the Lord encourages us to follow Him in fraternal communion, with our trust placed in Him and in mediation through which God continues to lead us.

Witnessing the “Yes” and the availability of Euprasie, as the new Regional Superior, as well as the “Yes” of Bonnet, who through her first vows wishes to be available to give herself generously to God and to his project for humanity, is for all of us a source of joy and hope.

The celebration was held in the house of Sangmelimá, (Cameroon), in a very  simple yet festive atmosphere, with the participation of the school faculty, of religious and close friends from this diocese. The Bishop of Sangmelimá was the celebrant at the ceremony and encouraged us to continue collaborating to build up the Church.

Rosi García, aci