10 years of talitha kum

10 years of talitha kum

Today we echo the UISG Bulletin 172, which is entirely dedicated to Talitha Kum, the the worldwide network of consecrated life against trafficking in persons, that celebrated its 10th anniversary of international coordination in 2019, at the International Union of Superior Generals.

On 31 December 2019, Talitha Kum brought together 53 networks, present in more than 90 countries on all continents. This is a growing commitment that makes us the “avant-garde” of the missionary action of the Church against the scourge of human trafficking, as Pope Francis said, in his address to the delegates of Talitha Kum:

“I congratulate you on the important work you are doing amid very complex and tragic situations. Your work brings together the missions of different institutions and demands cooperation between them. You have chosen to be on the front line. Therefore, the numerous Congregations that have worked and continue to work as the ‘avant-garde’ of the Church’s missionary activity against the scourge of human trafficking deserve gratitude. This is also a model of how to work together. It is an example for the whole Church, and also for us: men, priests, bishops … You are giving a great example—keep at it!”

At this time when, due to the pandemic, many trafficking networks are once again finding an opportunity to operate by taking advantage of the increased vulnerability of many migrant and displaced populations, we need to consider whether we could not “go a step further” and engage with the Talitha Kum network in our midst.

Download the whole bulletin in English here