For the 106th Day of Migrants and Refugees, after a community discernment about what sign would be an eloquent way to express the profound love, respect and recognition that we have for our immigrant brothers and sisters, and the reflection of the message of Pope Francis for that occasion, we chose 7 families and a group with whom we wanted to share the BREAD, very concretely, a basket of bread that would bring them to the table to share. It was the most Eucharistic gesture that we found in the light of the limits that the pandemic has placed upon us. That was the principal sign, the rest was to add details that would emphasize it; a tray with bread kneaded by our hands, with a package of butter, a tray chosen for the occasion, a card with our best wishes…

The work of all of us!

On September 25, we kneaded, baked and prepared the trays to be delivered. The surprise of the people on receiving our gifts with the recommendation that they SHARE AS A FAMILY, it surprised and encouraged them. With great gratitude and spontaneity, more than one opened the tray, took a loaf and ate it in our presence, with a smiling face.

We chose seven families, friends with whom we share their lives and their worries and dreams, among them a family of Bolivians, 3 Haitian families, one Venezuelan family, a Syrian couple and a group of 5 women with a baby from the shelter for immigrants of the Diocese of Copiapó. We know each one by name and love them. They are part of the life of our community, with small children whom we love, and we feel “very involved.”

This Eucharistic gesture for our brothers and sisters was also accompanied by a video of greeting, which we sent to their social networks and which we also uploaded to ours, especially to the people of our parish, wanting to be clear in communicating to the parish community the joy and the respect and recognition for immigrants, especially those who live in our area. At the Eucharist transmitted that Sunday, we prayed for them, and we read the greeting of Pope Francis to the parish community that participated virtually in the celebration.

Although we were looking for a gesture for them, we ended up feeling that that gesture also became an opportunity for us. Thank you, Lord!

Comunidad Tierra Amarilla