On one of the hottest days of this summer, where it seemed that the sun was leaching the earth of our dear city of Buenos Aires, we started out on a journey. Three means of transportation to arrive at Las Tunas, and a long hike to reach the house. With its long convent corridors, its many rooms, its beautiful plants in a large garden, and a community room called °Santa Rafaela Maria.” None of the sisters is still living there, nevertheless, the spirit of reparation continues to permeate that house, which has been renovated, and now four families live there.

Fabiola and Arguel, together with their mother and their grandmother, welcomed us with open arms, to celebrate the birthday of their little son Oscar. They had emigrated from Venezuela three years ago, due to the crisis in that country, and came to our house about a month ago. Upon entering, we found a family atmosphere, happy and welcoming; there were others invited to the party, and the pandemic was not an obstacle; with masks and social distancing, we could celebrate under the shade of those trees.

During the afternoon, we shared food and typical music, and the adults spoke with suffering and hope about the realities of our countries and the beloved stories of our roots. The children played in a little pool of fresh water, as though they had all the time in the world.

We too  had arrived a month ago… We had returned from the Latin American Novitiate in Bolivia and were getting ready for our first vows. We felt happy to continue putting into practice what the Institute proposes in our Project of Human Migration, which we too want to live.

It was a meeting with the preferred ones of the Heart of Jesus, who teach us to give everything for love and make our life fruitful. We desire that God may grant us the grace that, being welcoming communities, we will strive to live the magis in love.

Sofía María González and Sofía Luz Azzola, acis