We, Any and Marcela “Animarse” (encourage) participate in the group of “Enterprising Migrant Women”, it is very gratifying to be able to carry out our small project and feel supported and with a follow-up; the encouragement and drive that our leaders Patricia and Magui give us is very important; They are very influential in our daily lives and also the support of each of our group members. It is incredible how well it makes us know other views, other experiences, other realities and learn from each of them.

This project was born as the need to express ourselves through painting and other artistic possibilities. We understand that art is not something exclusive to the artistic world, but that it is innate to people, it comes with us and accompanies us from the most remote beginnings of humanity. Artistic expression is our need, our right and an immense joy.

This contact with the artistic fact is also the connection with the world of our ancestors, and constitutes in each one of us the possibility of nurturing ourselves to express ourselves in freedom.

In principle, the project was oriented to the realization of pictures and paintings, for sale and exhibition. Also the one of articles of daily use in wood, glass, clay, fibrofacil and other pieces of ornamentation.

Then we started the training space with small workshops in small groups. These workshops were the space where, together with other women, we were weaving a network of mutual support, sisterhood and company. Here we were experimenting and strengthening our human bond, in addition to the bond with the materials we went through: oils, acrylics, watercolors, clay, glass, among others.

It was an interesting production space: paintings, vases, mates decorated with Patagonian motifs, trays, decoration, flowerpots, items made from recycled and reused materials, wooden boxes, picture frames, candy boxes, jars, etc.

Their sales were made among acquaintances, however, the idea is to broaden our horizon, and to be able to offer these products in different places that have tourists who visit our beautiful town as clients.

Text about his feelings in this group and his entrepreneurship: “Thank you and go ahead, fellow entrepreneurs”

“Thank you Patricia and Magui”