On April 20, 21 y 22 we enjoyed the gift of sharing, via Zoom, an international  dialogue about the state of education  for all Handmaids today.

The participants were Sisters and lay men and women from Africa, America, Europe and Asia. In each session we shared the challenges that we had experienced in the face of the Pandemic, the calls we heard  coming from the GLOBAL COMPACT that the Pope is promoting, together with concrete actions that we could take forward as the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in this field

It was a real grace to  discover that we all feel inspired by our charism and our Pedagogy of the Heart, to drive forward the change that Pope Francis is proposing in his Global Compact for Education.

We all experienced that it was very enriching to learn about our different realities and the needs that surfaced in each place, during the COVID 19 Pandemic. It gave us a wider and more universal picture of the effects of the pandemic. We sensed that everyone shares the concern to take care of our students and the necessity to involve more and more, all the stakeholders in the educational community: teachers and families,  in an education  which, nowadays, more than ever, has to be about values, in order to transform the people who will have to change the world into a more human and fraternal place.

We firmly believe that it is necessary to disseminate and make the Global Compact better known  and understood, so that it can  generate a change of paradigm for education, that will lead us to adapt to the needs of the future, creating inclusive schools which are committed to those who are  forgotten and to our common home.

We are grateful to the General Team  for promoting this initiative and we hope to continue moving forward and putting into practice some of the suggestions that emerged from these meetings

You can listen directly to the sessions that we recorded.:




Inma Romero, aci