The news that reaches us everyday from La Quiaca, on the border of the Northern Argentine, where, with the support of PROACIS’s fund “Trust is a Right”, we are involved in pastoral ministry with Immigrants, is very hopeful because we are witnessing a  concrete steps in  the prevention of human smuggling and trafficking at the border. The latest  news we have received says:

During the workshop entitled: “Emotional Education” on Friday, April 16th, 2021, organised by Pastoral Ministry for Migrants, we shared some unforgettable experiences, together with the professional Licentiate, Patricia Flores and Fabiola Tolaba, a Licentiate in Nursing…

It was a very moving day because we were able to express the  feelings (a sadness, joy, doubt, irritation, anger) that we experience every day, without being judged.  It was a moment of restraint. Listening to one another allowed us to feel accompanied, understood and relieved.

This relief didn’t just stay in a feeling of wellbeing for ourselves, but was multiplied  because it helped us and encouraged us to create a healthy atmosphere in our homes. Thanks to the Pastoral Ministry with Migrants – in La Quiaca – we are so grateful for the help  provided to hold the workshops for the women in our town , whether they are locals or migrants …

Alejandra, Pastoral Ministry with Migrants