We left in the early hours of Saturday morning with great enthusiasm for our visit to Pedro Abad and Córdoba. When we arrived in Cordoba, the Sisters of the community welcomed us with great joy! They had prepared an exquisite “miller’s” breakfast for us, all with a very tasty flavor, which gave it the tone of a universal table shared among sisters.

Then we celebrated the Eucharist in the Church. The priest, Fr. Luis Briones, strengthened us with his words of welcome, showing great affection for the foundresses and for all the Handmaids.

We then left for a guided visit of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. The Sisters of the community explained its historical value: one of the most unique monuments in the world, witness of the millenary alliance between art and faith. We were able to admire the beauty of the contrasts, the coexistence of religions worthy of admiration.

Then, walking through the cobblestone streets of the town with its flowery corners, colorful glasses, and many other details that reflect the country life, customs and traditions of the people, we arrived at the house on Buen Pastor Street, home of the Reparatrix. We were able to climb the stairs where the famous meeting between the sisters took place when they decided to leave for Andújar. How daring! Brave women on the journey in search of the “magis.”

A bus picked us up to take us to Pedro Abad. Once again, when we arrived, there was an explosion of enthusiasm and deep joy as we met our Sisters and entered this house. The parish priest of Pedro Abad and the members of the ACI Family were also waiting for us. Together, we went to eat a succulent lunch. The conversations at the tables and the joy among all of us grew. We really enjoyed this time of sharing.

In the afternoon we were guided through the town of Pedro Abad by several members of the ACI Family who touched us with details about the life of our foundresses, about the people of the town and their family environment.

“All that remains for us now is to be thankful.”