Bogota, January 27th

Dear Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and friends

I am writing to you to express my sincere gratitude for your collaboration and for all you have done to help my mother, María de los Santos Aparicio Roche, identity card V-5.744.514, to have surgery for a cataract in her left eye, which she needed urgently and, which she would not have had without your help and as a result of which,  she can now enjoy normal vision.  

The donation which you so generously gave my mother, allowed us to cover the expenses of the surgery and the insertion of an Intra Oscular Lens, and, in this way,  my mother will regain her vision in that eye.  

I thank you for your unselfish concern and the collaboration offered  to my mother and, at the same time,  for the support you have given, so often, to both myself and my son Andy Rodríguez. In the name of my mother, of my son, and of course, myself, we send our most sincere gratitude. 

It is a joy for me to be able to count on committed citizens who find ways to help the most needy, without distinction of nationality; citizens, like yourselves, are a living example of how people can make a difference and help those who are in need.

Without further ado, I say goodbye, calling down blessings on you and praying that you continue reaping good results and that your help will increase and reach many more people.

Yours sincerely,

Yely Rodríguez