On February 8th we celebrate the  International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking, in memory of Saint Bakhita, the universal symbol of the Church’s commitment against trafficking. Since 2020, we have been participating in the Red Íncola Foundation’s European Project Andreia, which has as its aim the prevention of and support for victims of trafficking.  

From its very beginning, Íncola network in which handmaids of SHJ collaborate, has promoted projects which support women in vulnerable situations, and their empowerment and insertion in the social and  labour market. All these years, Red Íncola has found itself in challenging situations, one of which is the identification of victims of trafficking, accompanying them and carrying out a proper process with them. María Miranda, the technical co-ordinator of  Project Andreia, recognises that they lack tools to intervene. “We knew that we were probably missing many details, and thanks to Project Andreia, we have been able to educate ourselves, and incorporate new methods for intervention and the empowerment of the women, as well as  having the opportunity to network with other groups such as the Albor Centre, run by the Oblate Sisters, with whom we have begun more intensive co-ordination in this field”.

Now we are taking a further step forward and, with great joy, we are publishing Guides to create both an awareness and the prevention of trafficking; Guides that have been written by a group of women, based on their own experiences.

The production of these Guides, which contain frequently asked questions and  suggestions, have proved to be a process, both for the participants and the technical staff who have accompanied it..  The  objective was  to implicate the  participants in the project in the prevention of trafficking, to raise awareness and provide information about the dangers involved and the rights, and to motivate reporting.

«Three work sessions were held, in an atmosphere of trust in which the women shared very freely,  their fears, experiences,  and their hope that this project might serve to raise awareness about trafficking” said Ghizlane, the intercultural mediator of RED Incola. Nuria, the technical co-ordinator, also accompanied the process and added: “ It has been hard to hear everything that they have suffered, but I was thrilled to be part of this project. We still have a great deal to do in the area of trafficking and so we will keep looking  for opportunities to continue to work on behalf of their fight  and in defense of women who are victims or potential victims of trafficking

Help us to spread  this Guide for the identification and prevention of trafficking:

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