GC XXI Happy ACI Family Day!

GC XXI Happy ACI Family Day!

We want to send our fraternal greetings to the ACI Family all over the world, a gift of the Spirit that unites us and makes us companions in mission, men and women of Hope. BLESSINGS ON THIS DAY!

In the Congregation, we continue to progress in our reflections with much listening and through a dialogue that is open to the realities of the different circumscriptions in an attitude of discernment, always open to the Spirit. These have been days of intense work.

We have had moments of prayer and adorations that have also been spaces of encounter and enlightenment, allowing ourselves to be continuously created by God who shows us the Way.

On March 1, we celebrated the birthday of St. Raphaela Mary together with all the sisters of the Institute, the laity, the ACI Family and our mission partners. Our heart becomes more and more universal. We feel this in every Eucharist, where St. Raphaela Mary receives much praise. She continues to be a spring from which much life flows.

Today, March 2, we remember her baptism and we reiterate our greetings to the ACI Family on their feast day.

Today we also join Pope Francis’ call for a day of prayer and fasting for peace. We will have evening adoration, uniting ourselves and praying for so much suffering and pain produced by wars. We pray especially for Ukraine. We want to unite with so many who are dying and leaving their land in search of peace. As Pope Francis says, “The more we share their pain, the more we intensify our prayer to the God of peace, who has become close to our lives. God has compassion for wounded humanity.”

From this experience, we would like to invite you to the Pope’s petition: “Let us not tire of praying. With the same passion, let us make gestures of peace wherever we are, together with every man and woman of good will. Let us allow ourselves to be converted by the Holy Spirit to carry out works of peace.”