With great joy and full of hope, we inform you that today we have finished the XXI General Congregation, with the approval of all the documents! Praise God!

Sister Rosario closed the GC XXI with a beautiful final message, thanking us for the labor of these last weeks and encouraging us to pass on and live what we have received and shared here in an atmosphere of such joyful fraternity; may God’s passage through us now impel us to be people of hope and welcome for all, in our communities and ministries, especially for those who are still searching for God, sometimes without knowing it.

She also thanked the General Assistants who are moving on from this mission after 5 years of dedicated service. She welcomed with joy the new team elected during the GC. Special thanks also went to all the people whose hard work made this General Congregation go so smoothly: the dear, tireless Sisters of the Community of Martínez Campos, the team of translators, the secretaries who worked with great efficiency, the technical support teams, etc.

We ended the session praying the Te Deum together and then celebrated the Eucharist, thanking the Lord for so much good received. We were accompanied by Fr. Antonio España SJ, Provincial of the Jesuits in Spain.

Last night, we also celebrated and “traveled together” to all the continents, in a very lively and festive “Intercultural Night”, sharing dances, theatres, songs and many talents! How much diversity and creativity comes forth when each of our cultures informs the celebration!! “We share some the pictures from the celebration here!”

Finally, we cannot close without first saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the communities and to so many friends who have accompanied us with your faithful prayers and messages of encouragement during this month and a half. We truly felt the strength that came to us every day and opened us to listen to the Spirit. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

And good …. you can always continue to pray for us!!!!

Today we will visit our dear Sisters in the Community of Pirineos, who always receive us with great joy! After that, over the next few days the dispersion will begin… each of us will leave for our own countries and communities.

The information team also says goodbye and thanks you for your interest in everything we have been sharing here! We have had a lot of fun doing it! Thank you… and until the next congregation!!!!

  Jessica, Rocío y Ana