We were invited to take care of “the way” in which we wish to follow God’s calls for us in our Institute today.

We feel attracted more and more by the way of Jesus “FROM BELOW, FROM WITHIN AND FROM UP CLOSE”

This theme can be a space to reflect and to review our own relational dynamics (within community and in ministry) in order to foster the development of relationships in which we treat each other well, relationships that are more in the style of Jesus.

Good Treatment is much more than the absence of mistreatment, and also much more than just “being nice” or saying please and thank you. While good, this is not enough. Good Treatment is a fundamental posture of profound respect, which has to do with recognizing each person as “a legitimate other” (Humberto Maturana), with their legitimate differences. Good Treatment is lived and expressed in relationships. It is translated into very concrete gestures in daily life, and at the same time it must become a way of being, a way of living life.

Good Treatment does not cost money; it does not require heroic acts or big campaigns. We can start with small gestures… It requires, however, self- criticism, humility, and reflective capacity.


Image: Bernadette López.