A few months ago we shared from Sangmelima how we had prepared the school community to accept the new students who had been displaced by the war in our country.

Today we hear from a teacher also who was displaced and who has become part of our staff:

I would like to begin by thanking the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who, on bringing me into the bilingual school of the Sacred Heart, have brought joy not only to my heart but also to my mother’s heart.

I say my mother’s heart because she raised me by herself. It is a joy for a mother who has spent everything for her daughter’s schooling, that in the midst of the terrible situation in which we found ourselves in the southeastern part of the country where everything is desperation and sadness, I have found hope through the Sisters and in my colleagues and students who helped me to integrate.

The school, through the Sisters, has given me back my humanity and has allowed me to be an independent and responsible person. I am the mother of a child, and now I can feed and take care of my son. In some way, I feel that a woman’s primary husband is her work. Therefore, I can feel that the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart have been like a “husband” for me, for they have restored my dignity. I came from very far away, but here I feel at home, with a new family atmosphere, I am trying to rebuild my life… above all when I think that my mother will come as soon as possible to live with me.

For everything that the Sisters have done for me, I thank them and I pray that they may continue to do the same for more people.

Magni Mbeng Angeline Achore