Participating in a perpetual profession is always a great joy, but that joy is even greater when it is the profession of the first three Timorese Handmaids of the Sacred Heart: Fina Barreto, Mingas Magno and Jefa de Deus. They have given their definitive yes to God: a God who they have experienced as always faithful and close, a God who accompanies them and leads them by the hand. To this Faithful God, they have said a “Yes, at any cost”, without fear.

The ceremony was celebrated on January 22, in the parish of Liquiça, far from the three houses we have. The bishop of the Diocese of Maliana – to which we belong – presided, and the pastor and some of our priest friends concelebrated. It was a moving celebration and included family and friends.

The preparations were long, but they were worth it because everything was just perfect: liturgy, food, songs, decorations… and many other details. The people of Bazartete, where the first house in Timor was founded, went out of their way to help us and did so with great care and efficiency. We had a large choir of young people from Bazartete along with our sisters in formation. It was wonderful to listen to them and enjoy in everything with them, both during the rehearsals and on the day of the ceremony. The Timorese enjoy singing and are very good at it: songs in Tetun, Portuguese and Spanish.

All the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart give thanks to God for these newly professed, and we ask Him to keep them always faithful in their life of discipleship and mission to the Timorese people.

We ask the Lord of the harvest to continue sending workers to his harvest, which is abundant.

María Llano, aci