GC XXI. A universal heart without borders

GC XXI. A universal heart without borders

After four days of discernment and searching together, allowing ourselves to be enlightened by the Spirit, we are happy to inform you that we have a new team of General Assistants who will support Sr. Rosario Fernández-Villarán in her government of the Institute for the next five years.

The Assistants and their designated assistants are: Belén Escauriaza (Africa, Europe-Atlantic, USA, Italy), Inés Oleaga (Asia), Margarita Rivera (Spain), and Marcela Saenz (South America).

The universality and diversity of the new team are revealed this time not by the different countries of origin of the Assistants, but by the universal and borderless heart of these sisters, available and open to serve in different parts of the world. We find this openness in the heart of every member of the Congregation, knowing that we are represented beyond geographical, cultural and linguistic boundaries, with a truly universal heart for the mission, on the path of synodality, always “going out” to help each other to seek and find the will of God.

In the evening, we celebrated, thanking the team of the past five years for their generosity and service to the Institute, and we also joined in their thanksgiving for the experience that invited them to enter more deeply into the universal heart of Christ.

Together with the new General team, we continue to listen to and to discern the challenges of today’s world.