From the day of the Sacred Heart until June 24, the “major” treasurers of the Institute met in our house in Rome. A very desired meeting because it had been delayed for two years because of the pandemic. This date, however, has allowed us to be also with the Sisters who were doing the Third Probation.

It has been a very good experience for all of us: meeting each other is always a source of joy and even more so during this time that the Institute has given us to share in fraternity our mission as bursars, to deepen our way of proceeding and to open horizons for the future. We have also had two outings, the first to participate in the Angelus with Pope Francis and the other to do an adoration in St. Peter’s Basilica and visit Santa Rafaela in the Vatican.

Our group was composed of 15 sisters who came from all over the world and this time we also had the participation of a lay woman, Luisa, who collaborates in the mission of the Province of Colombia-Panama.

The common thread, the “mission of the economy as a service” according to our own way of proceeding, has accompanied us from the beginning – with the opening words of Superior General Mª Rosario – until the end of the meeting.

The topics discussed – canon law, economy at the service of the charism and mission, provincial administration, communication of goods, stable patrimony, relationships… – were intended to help us live the mission according to our way of proceeding.

If spirituality is the heart, the economy is the lung of the congregations: a healthy economy, an economy at the service of the mission, allows the charism and the mission to unfold offering the instruments so that “all may know Him and love Him”, as Saint Raphael Maria said.

We feel that the Church and the Institute accompany us, and during this time of encounter we have lived it in a special way: whenever possible, the participation of Sr. Rosario and the General Assistants has not been lacking, despite the many things they have in hand.

Some Sisters who are now entering this mission have perceived very deeply how the economy is soaked by discernment, dialogue, freedom… and as it also bears the “seal” of the Eucharistic-reparatory charism and is the fruit of subsidiarity and synodality. Others underlined how it is a silent, discreet mission that allows “to make others happy”, starting with the Sisters of the Community… And we have all ended with much gratitude and with the desire to live more deeply the mission that the Lord through the Institute has entrusted to us, with more depth and also with greater breadth of heart, convinced that the Galilee where the Lord wants to meet us today is the economy and there to love him, adore him and serve him. For this reason, as a reminder of the meeting and as a task for the future, we have received an apron that reminds us that in everything we are called to serve… and today in the economy.

Elina Graceffa, aci