“All human stories are migration stories because everyone is a refugee from their own childhood. –Mohsin Hamid

We the Senhadhara Trust celebrated the Migrants’ Day on 24th September 2023 with the rickshaw pullers, their families and the station children with whom we work; on the Occasion of International migrants’ day. There were 50 people were present from out and 46 hostel girls from our hostel. For the programme the chief guest was r. Bennychen Peter the secretary of the CWS (Community welfare Centre). Actually the RPF and the GRPF team was suppose to come but as the ‘Vande Bharat’ bullet rain inauguration was scheduled on that day last moment they dropped out and we had to change our chief guest. The programme began at 12.00pm am with the lighting of the lamp followed by the prayer dance and the cultural programmed performed by our hostel girls, to give the message and making them aware of their rights and duties. Sr. Jackline welcomed the guest and the people. Sr. Monti spoke about the impotence of the programme and introduced the guest. Sr. Alma gave the vote of thanks.

Fr. Benny spoke during the programme appreciated the work of ‘Snehadhara Trust’ in “Empowering the Marginalized” and also encouraged the people and challenged them to have their own address for oneself and for the family in order to attain their rights and the facilities and give a better life for their families.

We gave a small gift for those who participated in the programme i.e. ‘Mat’ for the families and the Towel for those who are living alone as a remembrance of this programme. After the programme we served the food for all the people. We thank all the donors who contributed generously to make this day a memorable one to the people who are poor and marginalized.

I conclude with the quote of Pope Francis “Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity”.

Sr. Jacklyin, aci